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My name is Cindy S. Sipp, owner of Center of Creation. I have over forty years sewing experience. I grew up in the heart of Western New York and as a child, I admired all the beautiful colors of the quilts hanging on clotheslines throughout the Amish countryside. When I was nine I began sewing 4-H projects and later I took Home Economics in high school.  My love of sewing continued as I was raising my two sons and many of their outfits were homemade. I created quilts for their beds from the remnants. This is when my passion for quilting began and a few years later I started my quilting business.

I lost my oldest son Alex in 2008. In my grief I turned to making a Memory Quilt, hoping to find solace in doing something I loved. I made several Memory Quilts for family and friends from Alex’s Marine uniforms and clothing. I feel a great sense of purpose when I make Memory Quilts for others and I hope their Memory Quilt gives them comfort as they go through the healing process.

Memory Quilts, Keepsake Baby Memory Quilts, T-Shirt Quilts, Custom Quilts, Rescue Quilts and Custom Projects are great ways of treasuring our memories while creating heirlooms for future generations.                                                                                                      ~ God Bless, Cindy S. Sipp

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