Memory Quilts

These beautiful memory quilts are available in two different sizes and two different design pattern types. 


Choose one of these quilt design pattern types when you order your Memory Quilt:

Rail Fence Star
Town Square

 Choose a size: 

Large Lap Quilt:  60" x 80"     or    Queen Size Quilt:  85" x 110"


Memory Quilt Ordering


Items I will need

Please call me if you have any questions. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The size of the quilt being ordered.

Rail Fence Star or Town Square quilt design pattern type.

Color preferences and choices and all colors you do not want to be used.

We will have a phone consultation or video chat so I fully understand what you want.

All quilt orders require a $75.00 non-refundable deposit through PayPal at the time your order is placed.

All the items you want to be included in your quilt such as T-shirts, garments, special items, photos to be transferred, patches, etc. need to be shipped to me.


How to Select and Prepare Items for Shipment

Select the items: Shirts, T-shirts, front and/or the back of the shirts may be used, logo on sleeves, chest pocket, pant legs, sports towels, bandanas, uniforms, men's ties, even flannel can be used. Please don’t use scratchy, rough fabrics, sequins, glitter, lace or fabrics that don’t wear well. If you are unsure if it can be used, please call me. It's your quilt so be creative!

Please do not cut items. I prefer to do that as how it is cut and sized can be an important item in the design process

Please write on a small piece of masking tape or blue painters tape to mark any special instructions like "front only", "both sides", "center", "very important”, special significance, etc. 

Please mark the sides/parts of the items, shirts, garments you want to be used with a small piece of masking tape or blue painters tape.

Fold the T-Shirts with the side facing up that you would like to use. Mark DO NOT USE on the parts/shirts/items you do not want to be used.


Shipping Information

Pack your clean and labeled T-Shirts/garments/ items in a vacuum pack storage bag (available at Dollar Stores). Vacuum out the air. This will reduce the size of the box you need.

Pack the vacuum bag in a sturdy box (I use Priority Boxes from USPS) and enclose a copy of your Order Form.

Securely tape the box closed and completely cover the Shipping and Return Address labels with clear packing tape to ensure the labels are firmly attached to the box and safe from exposure to wet weather during shipment.

Send to the address on the Order Form and ship via your choice of carrier. I use USPS. You are responsible for the payment of your package to me. Please purchase delivery confirmation and insurance so you can track your package.


The Next Step

When I receive your shipment I will email you a timeline for your quilt along with a PayPal invoice showing your paid $75.00 non-refundable deposit.

Once I have designed the preliminary layout of your quilt I will email photos to you along with any questions I may have. I may also call you. Please watch your email.

I will need design approval before I begin creating your quilt.

I will email photos again when your quilt is finished along with a PayPal invoice for your final payment.

Once final payment is made your quilt will be shipped via USPS insured mail and your tracking number will be emailed to you.

Quick turn around time....6 to 8 weeks....possibly slightly longer during graduations (May-June) and the holiday season (November-December).

I look forward to working with you to create your one-of-a-kind Memory Quilt.