Rescuing pieces of the past

A stack of quilt blocks was found in Grandma's attic. Only her granddaughter had the vision to see what that stack of fabric could become.

She had been hoping to find a treasure but not something to put behind lock and key. She wanted to see, touch and hold it. A quilt made from Grandma's blocks would be perfect for her and her children to hold dear.

 A Rescue Quilt can be so many things!
A quilt made by a loved one has been used and treasured for years but due to rips and tears, seams coming apart, weak or deteriorating pieces of fabric needs be repaired to restore the quilt so it is a treasure again.
A quilt that needs a new binding to make it like new again.
A quilt that is incomplete, nothing more than quilt pieces that a loved one started. I can create a lovely quilt to enjoy while appreciating your loved one who made this possible.
A quilt that has been used and loved until it is falling apart.  Most often it is the  middle of the outside edge which needs repair. If it is beyond repair perhaps you can make a great accent pillow, a table runner, a centerpiece, a teddy bear, a shadow box, etc.  The possibilities are unlimited
I would love to have the opportunity to schedule a phone consultation or video chat to see how I can help you preserve a family treasure or heirloom.  Please call me at 704-729-4746.


Items I will need

Items needed will be specific to each order. We will have a telephone consultation so I have a better understanding of your needs. I can give you ideas and options on what can be done or created. I will then know how I can help you and will be able to provide you with an estimated cost and timeline.

Shipping Information

Pack your clean and labeled T-Shirts/garments/items in a vacuum pack storage bag (available at Dollar Stores). Vacuum out the air. This will reduce the size of the box you need.

Pack the vacuum bag in a sturdy box (I use Priority Boxes from USPS) and enclose a copy of your Order Form.

Securely tape the box closed and completely cover the Shipping and Return Address labels with clear packing tape to ensure the labels are firmly attached to the box and safe from exposure to wet weather during shipment.

Send to the address on the Order Form and ship via your choice of carrier. I use USPS. You are responsible for the payment of your package to me. Please purchase delivery confirmation and insurance so you can track your package.

Testimonials / Reviews

Cindy managed to totally restore a rather well-used quilt for me. I believed it was a lost cause....for all you quilters, it was nothing special....just a simple four patch quilt that I had tied. Instead of letting a worn quilt go to the rag bag she asked me about it. She had the foresight to know that it had sentimental value. She did the restoration & transformed it into a work of art (so much better than the 4 patch had started out as). She did a magnificent job! It looks phenomenally awesome! 

~Linda  A. Leon New York

Cindy, I have really enjoyed getting to know you this past year. The magic you have done with our old quilt blocks is just breathtaking. You are truly are gifted and I'm so glad I found you. You are so talented and I envy you very much!

~Carol C. Salisbury NC.

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